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Лого Undefeated



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Undefeated - РПГ на андроид.

The Wasteland’s poison is spreading and, unless stopped, will soon come to engulf the civilised world, bringing a nation to its knees.

In many ways a revitalisation of the classic JRPG, Undefeated makes the genre its own across a story-filled adventure full of witty dialogue and self-referential humour.

Marcus, Bastien and Fela are all reluctant conscripts, drafted into an army with the sole purpose of keeping hazardous flora and fauna at bay. As they explore the world beyond the city, they are drawn into a mystery that could prove catastrophic for their homeland.

From the developers of The Book of Legends and Millennium, Undefeated started life on the PC and now lands on iOS and Android. The game includes numerous customisation options that allow players to tailor the experience depending on their familiarity with the genre.

Explore a traditional 16-bit overworld, descending into dungeons and encountering a menagerie of mutated creatures. With more than 30 hours of gameplay, detailed artwork and a fully scored melodic soundtrack, Undefeated is the perfect pocket companion for any lover of JRPGs.

Founded in 2008 by Indinera Falls, Aldorlea Games is on a quest to continue the old-school role-playing tradition set in place by the likes of Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Phantasy Star. Previous hits include the Millennium series, The Book of Legends, Asguaard and 3 Stars of Destiny.




- Strategic turn-based battles with detailed enemies;
- Artwork by the creators of Moonchild and Opaline;
- Customisable difficulty for hardcore and casual players;
- 30+ hour play time;
- 25 secret rooms to discover;
- 16 side quests to complete.

Путь для кэша:

Android 2.3.3 и выше

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