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Лого Turbo Trip 89 - Turbo Racing

Turbo Trip 89 - Turbo Racing


Скриншот Turbo Trip 89 - Turbo Racing №1Скриншот Turbo Trip 89 - Turbo Racing №2Скриншот Turbo Trip 89 - Turbo Racing №3Скриншот Turbo Trip 89 - Turbo Racing №4

Tubro Trip 89 - игра в стилистике GameBoy. Едем, прыгаем..)<--break- />

One of the most addictive and entertaining physics based driving game ever made! And it's absolutely free!

There are many classic things in our life. Classic music, classic movies, classic suits, classic cars. Today you have a great opportunity to play a real classic racing game - Turbo Trip 89 – Turbo Racing. Do you remember this long evenings full of fun when you played Bomberman, Prince of Persia or Castelian on your Gameboy? Turbo Trip 89 – Turbo Racing was made in best traditions of Gameboy games by a team of game funs.

You will feel the power of:

* perfect Gameboy pixel art;
* dynamical and amazing gameplay;
* classic 4-colors graphic;
* endless adventure;
* hours of FUN.

Turbo Trip 89 Turbo Racing is designed to look good on low resolution and high resolution devices (incl. Tablets)

Most of racing games in Google Play are competing in graphics, realism, number of famous cars. Turbo Trip 89 - Turbo Racing will catch you with great gameplay. There is only one car, one world, 4 colors. But this car is amazing, this world is the best world ever and these 4 colors will open the full palette of your imagination. Like it was happening in Mega Man, Donkey Kong, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon Red and other famous Gameboy games.

Make your own Time Travel. To the days when you was happy playing your Gameboy. To the days when games were making not for money but for players. Enjoy it, my friend.

Android 2.3 и выше

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