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Лого Susume Tactics

Susume Tactics


Скриншот Susume Tactics №1Скриншот Susume Tactics №2Скриншот Susume Tactics №3Скриншот Susume Tactics №4

Susume Tactics - олдскульная аркадная RTS на андроид с Sony PSP.

Destroy the enemy with your army in this fast paced real-time strategy game!
A premium single player arcade style game with hours of play value!

Finally the award winning Sony PSP version has been ported for customers to enjoy on mobile devices and tablets!

Susume Tactics is a premium game with a premium experience.
Endless hours of fun, no two battles are the same!
Play for 5 minutes in Arcade mode, or hours at a time in War Mode!

- “Perfect for 5 minute battles or 1 hour wars”
- “Addictive with endless tactical possibilities!”
- “Challenging and keeps you coming back for more”
- "Simple graphics but deep strategic gameplay”



* 11 different types of tank units such as sniper tank and long range missile tank!
* Chase the high score in Arcade Mode!
* Save the world in War Mode for longer play sessions!
* Lots of challenging levels of difficulty from Easy to Evil!
* Retro arcade style graphics
* Excellent old school Sound effects and music
* No in app purchases or advertisements!

Get it now and enjoy this premium real time strategy and tactical war game experience!

Android 2.3 и выше

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