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Лого Squarge



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Play Squarge and compete with your friends through Google Play Games! Squarge is a simple and fast puzzle game which you can play in a short break. Just merge a minimum of 3 squares (of the same color) in a row or a column, collect points and of course remember about the time - the game will not last forever! If you can't see any combinations, just shake your phone!

Full version of Squarge:

- No ads;
- Possibility of competing with friends in all leaderboards;
- Possibility of getting great achievements.

How to play:

Put your finger on a square to move the whole line vertically or horizontally. Try to match a line for a position that will give you minimum of 3 squares together (of the same color) in a row or a column. If you find a combination you will get points and your time will increase a little bit. Don't worry if your move won't have any combinations; a moved line will just return back to the starting position. If you don't see any combinations, just shake your phone!

Android 2.3 и выше

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