Лого Space Cake

Space Cake

25 мая 2014 |  AMEPOH


После долгих лет звездных войн, все планеты в Солнечной системе решили разоружить и создать единую систему мира под названием Space Cake.

Space Cake is a shoot' em up game which provides players an entertainment space adventure.

Your mission is to destroy the invading ships, save the space cake universe and deal with the evolving bosses and levels.

You must fight for Honor and your Universe !




- Fast paced gameplay;
- Realistic, beatiful 3d and 2d grafics;
- The use of sensitive Joystick or Gryscope inputs.
- 10 different level music, 65 fx sounds.
- 15 uniqe enemy space ship, meteors, aliens;
- 20 uniqe boss weapon systems and 10 different Bosses.
- 11 different levels and scenes, last one is Endless;
- Changeable User Interface;
- 10 different Bonus;
- Share your score on Facebook and race with your friends !
- Race with all players !

Hava a good time !

After long years of stars wars, all the planets in the Solar System decided to disarm and established a unified system of peace called Space Cake. Only Kagicash, who lived in the Arietis star system, was excluded because he did not want to share his power.| This weakened Kagicash day by day. Arietis developed a desire to have what Space Cake had, where the level of prosperity and peace increased day by day. He watched them and wanted to take this happiness and peace from the people of Space Cake.

Meanwhile, there was an unusual activity in the Sun. According to a legend rumored for years, a big blast would occur and there would be transition to another time.| Kagicash took the opportunity of this activity in the Sun, and sent the special particular interactive substances he developed to the Sun, and made the blast come out.| It was just the time to attack the Space Cake, which lost power with this blast.

Android 2.3 и выше

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