Лого Soul of Ice Fire: Thrones War

Soul of Ice Fire: Thrones War

12 августа 2014 |  DROIDOFF


Soul of Ice Fire: Thrones War - карточная игра на андроид с элементами RPG.

【Well-designed cards (CCG)】Hundreds of kinds of well-designed, collectible cards (CCG) originated from European Mythologies and epic. Terran/Protoss/Inferno of the most authentic artistic style. Collect powerful cards and build your own decks! Each card of three characteristic skills, a deck of the same race will trigger unique race skills! You are not alone. Because you can summon the gods and they will use their unique spell and magic to help you win the battle.Win the duels with your wisdom!

【Warm-blooded duel system(PVP)】No boring automatic battles, not a single-player game but a MMORPG game! Duels and PVP in Ladder and arena, challenges of your battle tactics! Strategy leads to the victory!

【Epic stories】New update: Chapter of Greece, the Twelve Olympians are facing the last stand. Domination of the gods, saving people from dark ,demon and chaos, or the revolt of human, it all depends on your own power!

【SLG Features( RPG,TCG and CCG)】No traditional card games. Combined with RPG,TCG and CCG playing methods, forge and upgrade your own equipment to intensify every card in your deck! Card game & RPG, decks & equipment, your strength will never stop growing. You will be the hero of the heroes.

【Awesome background music】Beautiful music with in-depth insight?of?history provides the most authentic experience of the battlefields of ancient mythologies. ?When?the trumpet?sounds, will you come on fighting?

Language: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Russian, German

Android 2.2 и выше

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