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Лого Shaun the Sheep - Puzzle Putt

Shaun the Sheep - Puzzle Putt


Скриншот Shaun the Sheep - Puzzle Putt №1Скриншот Shaun the Sheep - Puzzle Putt №2Скриншот Shaun the Sheep - Puzzle Putt №3Скриншот Shaun the Sheep - Puzzle Putt №4

Shaun the Sheep - Puzzle Putt - увлекательные соревнования по мини-гольфу. Вы ещё не играли в подобные игры.

A new official Shaun the Sheep game from Aardman Animations.

In Shaun the Sheep’s Puzzle Putt, crazy golf gets a whole lot crazier! Get ready to tee off for a golf challenge like no other, playing through a range of challenging and hilarious courses as you try to steer your ball towards the all-important final hole!

Build and Play
Pick up your club and step up to Shaun’s golfing challenge, featuring 72 levels across 8 colourful courses, filled with challenges and obstacles. Customise your game by adding in some crazy contraptions, including everything from bouncy pumpkins to catapulting mole holes and hay bale power ups!



Crazy Course Creation
Use Puzzle Putt’s Creator Mode to build your very own weird and wonderful courses. Once you’ve created your fantasy golf course, see if you have the skills to become a golf master. Then pass on the challenge to your friends – can they beat you at your own game?

One Hit Wonder
Become top of the flock by reaching the end of the course in as few strokes as possible. Keep your aim steady and you might just score a winning hole in one!

Android 4.0 и выше

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