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Лого SCP-087 Mini Game

SCP-087 Mini Game


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Эпическая хоррор - история возвращается к Вам.


Out of our dimensions, one day THEY came and defeated us. THEY are the new empires of the Earth now. THEY destroyed everything. THEY had been collected the rest of us, human beings to a restricted area.
We must survive from this prison. So we have to reach the bottom of THEIR STAIRWELL BASE. ONE of us, has to reach it.
We always loose the radio-communication with the ONE, and they never return.

So today YOU ARE THE NEXT who has to go…

Th only thing we know, that your task is to find and save the pleading child – it’s crying heard from the bottom of the pit.
Can you do it? Can you pass the flight of stairs? Are you good enough to be the first who comes back or will we loose you?

TO WALK – this is YOUR MISSION. Deep, deep down, where nobody can see you, nobody can hear you, the only connection with us is the radio we gave you - and you think that you’re alone…and you are! Or not? Feel the stairs and mind your step! You’re the next to try NOT TO VANISH!

Hold your breath and get ready for descending the stairs and unknown depth! We are waiting for you…JUST GO AND COME BACK from the STAIRS.

Android 2.3 и выше

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