Лого Safe Cracker

Safe Cracker

25 февраля 2014 | DROIDOFF


Головоломка на андроид от Supergonk.

There it is! The world's most secure vault, hidden behind a matrix of glowing laser beams. The security cameras won't find me today, for I am the greatest thief the world has ever known! I can break into any system, nobody can keep me out! This vault is different though; the toughest challenge of my entire life. I will use my miniature robotic hacking assistant, Nano, to dive into the vault's defence systems, dodging deadly lasers and powerful bouncers on the way. Nano will bounce around the inner workings of the safe and destroy the eight security layers keeping the door locked. Only then can I get inside. I must know what's in there! Help me, player, and we will share the rewards!


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• Take control of the world's sneakiest thief and her high-tech hacking device, Nano.
• Penetrate the inner systems of a secure vault, bouncing Nano around the mechanisms and solving puzzles!
• Tilt or touch your device to rotate the level, and use physics to your advantage as you avoid bouncers and lasers. Don't get frazzled!
• 128 action-packed puzzle levels spread across 8 varied layers, with a big surprise waiting inside the vault for those who have the skills.
• Extensive replayability: can you collect all three stars AND the time trophy for all the levels?
• Amazing artwork from a BAFTA-award winning animator, and a catchy original soundtrack!

Android 2.3 и выше

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