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Лого Rockin' Goat

Rockin' Goat


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Rockin' Goat - аркадный платформер на андроид.

A small town is reeling today in what residents describe as the most inexplicable series of events they’ve ever seen. At approximately 10AM, a goat, sporting a leather jacket and orange dyed hair, made a daring farm escape by ramming through a fence and knocking down several bystanders in broad daylight. He was trailed by an oversized Rooster, who wobbled close behind in designer shades and a vintage tuxedo/jacket get up. They have not been seen or heard from since.

When reached for comment, the farm owner stated only that these two animals had been a problem for quite some time, and his repeated warnings to law enforcement fell on deaf ears. “I warned them – they wouldn’t listen.” “That damn Goat,” he continued, “his name is Elwood. He’s got a real attitude problem and has caused nothing but trouble for years. And that sideshow Rooster friend his, that’s Cluck McGee. Another scoundrel of an animal who gives this farm, and this city for that matter, a bad name. All they ever did was play loud rock music until all hours of the night and throw raging parties.”

But other locals took a decidedly different tone. One resident, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said that Elwood is revered as a rock n roll prodigy and broke out to become a star, and Cluck is his manager. “And they’re going to leave a massive trail of destruction along the way. Elwood ROCKS dude.”

What has become clear is that Rockin’ Goat is a crazy fun adventure game, and demand is through the roof to guide Elwood through vast landscapes and raging concert venues to help him assemble the ultimate rock band.

Based on their last known location, we expect Elwood will need to do what goats do best to survive. That is - climb vertical walls, ram anything and everything, fly, jump, double jump and all around destroy everything in his path. Experts indicate that will be no easy task, as the journey will be filled with dangerous obstacles including flocks of seagulls, angry cacti, toxic traps, flaming logs, and earth-shattering meteors. Story developing….

Why are you still reading? Go Rock!


- Old school, challenging 2D platform adventure; this game isn’t easy, but neither is being a rock star;
- RAM STUFF through nine levels and three different environments;
- Intuitive touch controls;
- Fluid physics engine;
- Rockin’ soundtrack;
- Navigate obstacles, enemies, and mini-games using all of the powers in your goat arsenal;
- Upgrades: Improve Elwood’s mighty Rock N Roll powers by collecting gold records;
- Collectibles: Tear up the stage to recruit other band members in challenging mini-games ;

Путь для кэша:

Android 4.0 и выше

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