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Лого Ringed!



Скриншот Ringed! №1Скриншот Ringed! №2Скриншот Ringed! №3Скриншот Ringed! №4

Ringed! - казуалка основанная на классической Water Ring Toss.

Ringed! is a casual videogame based on the classic Water Ring Toss toy developed in Japan in the 70’s. This classic game combines physics with the skill of stacking rings by using streams of water. The game uses your mobile device’s sensors and physical simulations to recreate the experience of having the actual toy in your hands, while in a fun and exciting way that both children and adults will enjoy.



The game spans various levels, each containing three sets of scores, which will test your abilities. Explosions, enemies and lots of adventures will surely undertake your reflexes and speed to stack up the desired golden rings.

With an underwater, Caribbean and cartoonish motif, Ringed! is a sure trip back to your childhood.

Accept the challenge and freshen up your skills!

Путь для кэша:

Android 2.3 и выше

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