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Лого Premier Manager

Premier Manager


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Take control of your beloved team’s destiny and bring home the success you have craved for as a fan.

Premier Manager, the classic definitive pick-up-and-play football manager simulation is now available on your android device. Take control of your favorite team from the top European leagues and overcome the managerial challenges that face you to achieve success. Have you got what it takes to take your team to the very top of the league, win the domestic cups or take the European title?


- Play in Europe’s top leagues and cup competitions;
- All transfers for the 2012/13 season included;
- Unity system that enhances tactical and match intelligence;
- Real time transfer and contract negotiations;
- In depth messaging and conversation system;
- Improve staff, training centers and stadiums as your success brings wealth to your club;
- Performance scoring system based on your success as a manager;
- Over 500 European teams;
- Over 17,000 Player database.


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Android 3.0 и выше

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