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Лого Operation Noah

Operation Noah


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Operation Noah - тест по интересной книге.<--break- />

► The free app for blockbuster best-selling author Sebastian Fitzek;
► Incl. XXL Excerpt from "Noah";
► Using test: how economical or extravagant you live?

Do you agree with this app before appearing on the new apocalyptic thriller "Noah" by Sebastian Fitzek (available from 20.12.2013):
- Extra long XXL Excerpt;
- Test: Determine your ecological "hand" print and share the result with your friends;
- More info and links to all available forms of output.

That's what "Noah":
He does not know what his name is. He has no idea where he came from. He can not remember how he came to Berlin, and since when he has lived on the street here. The homeless, with which he goes about to call him Noah, because this name is tattooed on the inside of his palm. The search for his identity becomes a nightmare for Noah and all humanity. He is the essential element in a conspiracy that endangered the lives of everyone on the planet and already found tens of thousands of victims?

Android 4.0 и выше

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