Лого Night and Day - BabyBus

Night and Day - BabyBus

17 сентября 2014 |  DROIDOFF


Night and Day - BabyBus - выберите день или ночь и наблюдайте за изменениями вокруг Вас. Что происходит с солнцем и луной ? Все это и многое другое ожидает Вас в этой познавательной игре.

Choose between night and day and look for the changes all around you! What happens to the sun and the moon? Which animals sleep at night, and which ones become active? And how to make the flowers grow? The fun and interactive design of this app teaches kids about the changes between night and day and encourages their curiosity about nature!

- Fully interactive gameplay;
- Entertaining little games:
  - Wake up the sleepy heads;
  - Make the cute birds sing;
  - Color the pretty butterfly;
  - Seek out the nocturnal animals in the dark;
  - Connect the stars to form constellations;
  - and many more;
- Learn the names of different playful animals and colorful flowers.

Android 2.2 и выше

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