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Лого Magna Memoria

Magna Memoria


Скриншот Magna Memoria №1Скриншот Magna Memoria №2Скриншот Magna Memoria №3Скриншот Magna Memoria №4

Magna Memoria - неплохая РПГ-игра с поддержкой английского языка.

◆◆◆ one seconds before the memory is in force. ◆◆◆
New sense combo battle revolution to match the tile to rely on memory of the moment!
Let Kuridaso a variety of combination attack by collecting different combat types of character!
Sumaho of did not surprise the RPG function until now miss!

The world that has been supported by the "temple" which was made by the ancient civilization, "Sig Farinasu".
Super-humanity of memory loss appear from somewhere, "Ars Magna".
We are guided to the girl type AI Tike that appear on the device, a journey that connects the past and the future begins now.



▼ New sense combo Battle!
We go to match within the limit of the tiles of the same color to rely on the memory of the moment time.
Very simple, But you have waiting for you catapult the addicted will completely new game experience.
▼ Cooperation skills to change the team members!
Attacker, defender, assist, trickster, and try to successfully organize the different combat types such as Medic!
It becomes the key to variety of fires by a team organized "collaboration skills" is to capture the battle.
▼ To Collect rare material in the air craft!
In addition to you it can also be collected his only of the rare evolution material in the air craft of Quest.
Upgrade the air craft, and trying to obtain more rare material with a high probability!

Путь для кэша:

Android 4.0 и выше

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