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Luna League Soccer

21 апреля 2015 |  DROIDOFF


Luna League Soccer - новый футбольный симулятор с хорошей прорисовкой и, к сожалению, с донатом.
Вы не увидете в этой игре таких звезд, как Роналду или Месси. Здесь, Вам придется управлять одной из команд, которая представляет одну из вех истории - тут и Викинги, тут и Буддистские монахи, которые спустились с гор, чтобы сразиться за кубок!

В игре несколько режимов:
- Турнир;
- Быстрый матч;
- Режим нескольких игроков;
- Штрафные очки.

Ну, а также, выбор множества команд, полей и мячей.

Luna League Soccer is an over-the-top soccer/football game that takes inspiration from old arcade classics. This game follows the basic rules of Soccer, but adds crazy power ups and magic attacks to the mix.

Luna League Soccer is a challenging arcade game that takes you to a galaxy far, far away. You play as one of six rivalling factions that are fighting for world domination using the game of soccer as a means to overcome political stand-offs and military conflict.

In the center of a galaxy far, far away lies a mythical planet named Luna, which is named after its two orbiting moons. The planet is ruled by six great tribes, each with their own unique powers and skill.

Unlike other civilisations, these factions refrain from war to settle their differences. Instead they wait… Every two years when Luna’s two moons are aligned a magical whistle blows.

This is the start of an epic soccer tournament and the winning faction will dictate the planet’s course until the next championship!



+ Over-the-top arcade gameplay;
+ Play quick matches and compete in penalty shootouts;
+ Cool story mode;
+ Choose your dream formation and win cups by defeating each team;
+ Level-up your team and earn new skills;
+ Unlock fields and balls, each having special properties;
+ Beautiful cartoony art style;
+ Controller support for Nvidia Shield devices;
+ The best game for your pocket.

Путь для кэша:

Android 2.3 и выше

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