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Лого Loading Bay: Shift the Blox

Loading Bay: Shift the Blox


Скриншот Loading Bay: Shift the Blox №1Скриншот Loading Bay: Shift the Blox №2
Скриншот Loading Bay: Shift the Blox №3

Poor Lodeblox, the robot, has a near impossible job in the loading bay. Help him sort the unending supply of blox in this fast paced, mad dash of a puzzle game. Watch as mazes of blox form around Lodeblox to challenge and test you. You'll need all your brains, logic and quick wits to survive this fiendish, speedy puzzle game - all set in a cool sci fi environment.

Luckily Lodeblox has found some tricks to help him complete his task, from reprogramming blox to swap their colour to blowing them up with missiles and bombs. Anything to complete his job!

Complete specific orders to earn heaps of blox which can be spent on new robots. Try the sparkly Flossblox, the freaking cool Swaggablox and the shiny Goldieblox.

How to Play: Collect blox and place them on conveyer belts. Lodeblox can only collect one type at a time and all other blox will block him. If he gets stuck, use missiles to unblock him. Occasionally the control terminal will allow you to swap the colour of blox. Be on the look out for power ups and be sure to complete tasks to earn extra rewards. You lose when there's too many uncleared blox.

Pro Tip: Save your missiles to help unblock you if you get trapped.

Loading Bay boasts:
+ Great sci fi graphics and sound
+ 6 playable robots
+ Challenging puzzle mechanics

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Android 2.3 и выше

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