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Лого Little Oz Run Full

Little Oz Run Full


Скриншот Little Oz Run Full №1Скриншот Little Oz Run Full №2Скриншот Little Oz Run Full №3

Простенькая, но красочная детская аркада.

Listen with headphones for the best Oz game experience!

It's time to journey to the great temple. Choose your character to help you safely make it to through the yellow brick road to the great Temple of Oz. Avoid the wicked witch and her army of flying monkeys as they try to attack. Defeat them with your magical wand as you journey through the forest and collect emerald and ruby stones for points and the gold star for power up abilities.

- Amazing HD game graphics;
- Fun and entertaining endless run game;
- Great game characters;
- For all kids ages;
- Collect emerald and ruby stones for points.

Enjoy this free Little Oz endless run game with HD graphics and fun music. Run, jump and dash through the forest and escape the wicked witch and her evil flying monkeys. As time goes on the speed of the game will increase and the game will become more challenging.

Android 2.3.3 и выше

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