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Лого Lanterna (IceBlink RPG)

Lanterna (IceBlink RPG)


Скриншот Lanterna (IceBlink RPG) №1Скриншот Lanterna (IceBlink RPG) №2
Скриншот Lanterna (IceBlink RPG) №3Скриншот Lanterna (IceBlink RPG) №4

Lanterna - игра на андроид, на подобии классических олдскульных компьютерных РПГ.

Lanterna - story and Turn-based role playing game (RPG) implementing a classic old-school computer RPG style.

This is the second adventure module converted for the IceBlink Engine Android Version (The Raventhal was the first and is available on Google Play for FREE). If you are not sure if you will like this app, I would recommend that you download and try The Raventhal first to see if you like the game mechanics and overall concept.


- designed for phones, but scales well on tablets (I have a galaxy tab 3 8");
- low price, NO ads and NO in-app purchase stuff;
- turn-based combat similar in style to the SSI Gold Box games;
- great RPG story telling conversation system;
- single player RPG (you control all party members) game;
- multiple companions can join your party;
- talk with companions (see help button on character sheet screen) to learn more about them and the world of Lanterna;
- lots of replayability (is that a word?);
- three races, four classes and many spells to choose from;
- multiple saves available (save often);
- lots of items to find and wield;
- this is a short story (2-4 hours) so, yes, it is short. It's an intro to the Lanterna setting and will lead into the next adventure module in the series, Lanterna 2 which is much larger (10-15 hours).

Android 2.2 и выше

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