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Лого KusPow!



Скриншот KusPow! №1Скриншот KusPow! №2Скриншот KusPow! №3Скриншот KusPow! №4

KusPow! - собери все золотые монетки, чтобы победить.

The Casual-Family-Action-Fun-Game is here!

Using pinball arcade and pachinko elements, just aim and shoot a ball down the board and clear all the golden coins to win!

Become a ricochet master! Each level is its own challenge. Get all the golden coins and clear all the board to make your high score.



Easy to play, you can choose to throw the ball just by a single "touch and release" system using the Quick Shot button, or you can fine tune your cannon angle for the best throw.

Collect the stars on the board to unlock the power-ups: the "Perfect Preview" and the "1 More Ball". Which one will be the best to use and when? It's up to you to decide!

We really hope that you enjoy the game and have fun as we had making it.

Android 2.2 и выше

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