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Лого Kingdoms Defender

Kingdoms Defender


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Are you looking for the next big, exciting tower defense challenge without annoying in-game pay-to-upgrade features?

Kingdoms Defender offers breathtaking 3-D graphics and effects with outstanding new features.
Develop your own strategy using the 18 different upgrade levels of your basic tower. Master 15 engaging maps and unlock each upgrade in order to prepare yourself for the raining fire of the final map.
Optimize the effectiveness of your towers by manually choosing their targets, and battle against various hordes and their bosses.
Learn which attack types (physical, fire, ice, lightning and poison) are most effective against which enemies in a Rock-Paper-Scissors type strengths and weaknesses system.
Study each unique path closely to determine the optimal positioning of your towers.
The realistic behavior of the projectiles provides beginners and pro gamers alike a whole new basis for strategies and solutions.
Kingdoms Defender is easily playable on your Smartphone as well as on the large screen of your tablet!
You can activate cutting edge shading techniques and bloom lighting effects on high-end devices for an unbeatable in-game experience, or simply enjoy the optimized 3-D environment on average platforms.
Are you a tower-defense beginner? Not a problem! The tutorial will teach you all the need-to-know aspects of the game!




- 15 engaging maps;
- 11 diverse enemies and bosses;
- 21 different towers and upgrades;
- Unlockable upgrades (through gameplay) allow for developing individual strategies;
- Optional manual targeting;
- Collectable chests allow for gold stockpiling.

Immerse yourself in the fantasy world of Kingdoms Defender!

Android 2.3 и выше

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