Лого The King & The Salamander

The King & The Salamander

20 июня 2015 |  DROIDOFF


The King & The Salamander - хорошая приключенческая игрушка на андроид.

Play Francis I and Spark, his faithful salamander, and go on an incredible adventure that changed course of French history as you explore five magnificent national heritage sites full of puzzles and secrets.

The most beautiful castles of France, starting from the coronation of the King in Reims, by way of the Fortress of If, travel through France, Europe and History experiencing a king's incredible royal destiny and an adventure with funny and visually stylish graphics.

Dive into the heart of the Court and palace intrigues, meet important figures of the time, progress through the game in a series of paintings as you solve puzzles that require a little deduction and quick response. Live a touching adventure with a good dose of humor.



Journey through incredible settings: feast at the Palace of Tau, climb the ramparts of Angers Castle and spend a night at Azay-le-Rideau. Along the way of this exciting journey, discover legendary hunts at Rambouillet Castle and fire the cannons of the Fortress of If.

Play this builder King and patron of the Arts and Sciences in five French national heritage sites rooted in his history and destiny.

Discover these architectural jewels and make the Renaissance in the Kingdom of France shine.Follow the advice of Spark, your salamander and precious ally in your adventure.

Send him to sneak into hard-to-reach places and through flames to solve puzzles before anyone's the wiser.A scripted story based on historical events, discover the iconic landmarks of the era and the reign of Francis I.

Relive encounters with historical figures and take advantage of the detailed informative content to learn more about these major events in the history of France.

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Android 2.3 и выше

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