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Лого King of Dragon Pass

King of Dragon Pass


Скриншот King of Dragon Pass №1Скриншот King of Dragon Pass №2
Скриншот King of Dragon Pass №3Скриншот King of Dragon Pass №4

King of Dragon Pass - одна из лучших текстовых игр на андроид.

A Sharp’s King of Dragon Pass is quite literally the best and deepest text-based game I’ve ever seen.

• One of the Top 100 best mobile games of all time (Metacritic);
• Epic saga of conflict, mythology and community;
• Immensely replayable;
• Hand-painted artwork;
• Interactive story with an ultimate level of complexity.



Create your own epic saga of conflict, mythology and community! Rule your own clan, take important strategic decisions, win battles and expand the territory of your people.
A unique mix of RPG and strategy: everything in King of Dragon Pass is about choice and control. Choose your counsel carefully, sign diplomatic agreements or declare war on nearby clans. This acclaimed game of magical storytelling blends interactive stories and resource management. Immensely replayable, thanks to nearly 600 interactive scenes.
Short episodes and automatic saving mean you can play even when you only have a minute or two. The built-in saga writes down the story for you and advisors with distinctive personalities help you rule your clan. Become the King of Dragon Pass!

Android 4.0.3 и выше

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