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Лого Kawaii Killer

Kawaii Killer


Скриншот Kawaii Killer №1Скриншот Kawaii Killer №2Скриншот Kawaii Killer №3Скриншот Kawaii Killer №4

Kawaii Killer - нестандартная аркада на андроид с интуитивным управлением.

Kawaii Killer is an intuitive & fun game taking place in an environment where super cute graphics meets cartoon gore. You are Davy, a young trapper killing every single cute animal in the Kawaii Forest.

But beware! Each animal is different! When the fox needs only a simple tap to be killed, you’ll have to perform a slice to kill a rabbit, while the frog needs to be torn apart using two fingers!

You’ll have to face 14 different animals in Arcade mode, beat the timer in Speedrun mode, grab the gold medal in 36 challenges, and unlock all the badges in the game!



- Intuitive gameplay, fun and accessible;
- A game which challenges your observation skills, memory, agility and reflexes;
- Super cute graphics meeting cartoon gore;
- Multiple challenges with innovative and fun rules;
- Multiple game modes and hardcore challenges for the strong-headed;
- Achievements that can be used in the Arcade mode to change the rules;
- Seasonal backgrounds provide a colourful backdrop to the action;
- Google Play Game Services integrated;
- No in-app purchases, everything is unlocked with skill, not money;
- Translated in 6 languages (English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Japanese);
- Full indie game made with love and passion.

Путь для кэша:

Android 2.2 и выше

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