Лого Jolt


30 мая 2014 |  AMEPOH


Jolt - в этой игре вы сможете играть 2 на 1 девайсе.

Play together with a friend on the same Tablet or Mobile device!

Two player competitive action on a single device – Welcome to Jolt, the cybersport of the future. In Jolt, two players battle for victory in several arenas, scoring points by hitting the other with the Icosahedron Omni-shot. However the sport will soon reveal that it has more tricks up its sleeve than simply throwing spheres at each other; make trick shots with the ricochet, activate force-fields and stay on the move. So grab your Android device, an opponent and get playing!

> Two player competitive action; simultaneously on one Android Device;
> Boasting new-retro, electronic music;
> Shoot around corners with carefully calculated ricochet shots;
> Gain area control by converting forcefields to your own colour;
> Plenty of virtual, arena wiping explosions.

Android 2.3 и выше

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