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Лого The Great Inventors

The Great Inventors


Скриншот The Great Inventors №1Скриншот The Great Inventors №2
Скриншот The Great Inventors №3Скриншот The Great Inventors №4

The Great Inventors - Ваш ребёнок отправится в увлекательное путешествие во времени, открывая для себя важнейшие изобретения, изменившие мир, в котором мы живём.

Or who invented the telephone, the radio, the cinema or aeroplanes?
All these wonderful things we see around us today were first conceived in the brilliant mind of an inventor. 

With The Great Inventors, children can take a captivating journey through time, discovering the most important inventions that have changed the world we live in!

The game is played on three sliding stages, in which the players can move freely; each screen represents a different period in history that was revolutionized by remarkable inventions. 

Inside each stage you will find:

- Descriptions and narrations for each inventor and invention in 3 languages (English, German, Italian)
- Three mini-games to sharpen your memory and logical skills
- A time machine that will take you to different stages to discover new periods in history
- Lots of animations and interactive activities

“With The Great Inventors we wanted to create a product that could teach our kids something new, in an original way that they would enjoy. This game offers learning for the little ones and fun for all the family." - Dario Collalti, founder of Dream Made.




• Intuitive, educational and fun;
• 3 stages with lots of animations and interactive activities;
• 3 mini games in each stage, with increasing levels of difficulty;
• Written and narrated contents that make learning fun;
• Original characters and graphics;
• Suitable for children aged 4 years or older;
• No unprotected links to external websites;
• No avertisement;
• No in-App purchases.

Android 2.2 и выше

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