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Лого FlowDoku



Скриншот FlowDoku №1Скриншот FlowDoku №2Скриншот FlowDoku №3Скриншот FlowDoku №4

В этой головоломке вам предстоит соединять фигуры разного цвета.

FlowDoku - a puzzle of beautiful shapes, brilliantly arranged. Imagine Sudoku re-invented as a game of colorful shapes, where you use two simple rules and logic to uncover the linked groups of squares, triangles and diamonds. This brand-new, totally original puzzle will keep you endlessly entertained with its simplicity and challenge.
"This is a must have for any logic puzzle or Sudoku fan."
-- AppAdvice
"This is clearly one of the best logic puzzles released this year. Don't miss it"
- Nontrivial Games
Input is a breeze on any size screen with just a few shapes to enter. FlowDoku doesn't require any typing, so you can relax and focus on solving puzzles.




* 250+ free puzzles spanning 5 difficulty levels, 4 puzzle sizes (from 6x6 to 12x12)
* Totally original puzzle mechanic, not another Sudoku clone!
* Quick and simple input (tap to set, or drag to paint).
* Clean, colorful graphics, gorgeous ambient soundtrack.
* Plays great on both tablets and smartphones.
* No numbers, number pads, typing or input modes.
* Leave the game any time, and resume later. Every move is saved.
* Light and dark themes to fit your environment and preference.
* Zoomable game board.
* Includes Google Play achievements and leaderboards.

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