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Лого Dread Fighter

Dread Fighter


Скриншот Dread Fighter №1Скриншот Dread Fighter №2
Скриншот Dread Fighter №3Скриншот Dread Fighter №4

Dread Fighter - аркадный экшн-РПГ на андроид.

There is a legend about a cruel god.He built a tower.Anybody who can get on the top of the tower,God can meet him a wish.Then a brave young man began this dangerous journeys...

- The Button on the left-bottom is used to control movement.
- There are 5 buttons on the right-bottom.The middle one is attack button,and others are Attack Magic Skills Buttons.
- Top left icon is the attribute of the hero.You can choose the equipment with tapping it.
- There are 4 buttons on the top-right,the first one is store,second one is task,the third one is map,and last one is pause

- Eleven different maps,the forest、the wild、the village、the tower......
- All kinds of different monsters,be careful,they are very dangerous!
- Five curel BOSS,the wolves,the demon and so on.the awards are abundant if you can defeat them.
- Four kinds of skills,sumptuous and powerful.
- The world needs you to save.Come on and fight with your sword!

Android 2.2 и выше

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