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Лого Dino Fight 3D

Dino Fight 3D


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Dino Fight 3D - файтинг, главными персонажами в котором выступают динозавры.

Take a step back in time and outfit your favorite dinosaur with fearsome armor and deadly weapons to bite, claw, and tear through your opponent. Feel the might of the terrible lizards through three game modes: single player, multi-player, and practice mode.
Dino Fight 3D places you in a prehistoric arena as the dinosaur of your choice. Each of four types – with more to come! – brings its own unique mix of power, reflex, flexibility, and weight:
• Ankylosaurus;
• Tyrannosaurus Rex;
• Triceratops;
• Velociraptor.

Use the advantages of your dinosaur in a fight to the finish with a mix of biting, slashing, jumping, special moves, and luring your challenger into pits of lava. You can also choose special powers to use once during each match, such as Mega Shield, Time Freeze, and Double Strength.
Don’t forget to augment your deadly fighting abilities with armor and weapon upgrades. Earn teeth by competing in and winning fights, against either the computer or human opponents. Teeth can also be purchased right from the app and used to buy battle upgrades:
• Body Armor with Spikes;
• Protective Head Gear;
• Steel Claws;
• Steel Teeth;
• Tail Armor with Spikes;
• A 5-pack of Double Strength;
• A 5-pack of Mega Shield;
• A 5-pack of Time Freeze.

Путь для кэша:

Android 2.3.3 и выше

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