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Лого Dadi vs Jellies

Dadi vs Jellies


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Dadi vs Jellies - убиваем желейных монстров вместе с бабулей.

The grandmother of all games is finally here – featuring everyone’s favourite relative – Dadi!

When the world needs a new hero, we turn to the one woman who can set everything right – our granny (hey, she is the only one who can scold our parents and get away with it – now that is a superpower)!

The evil (but rather adorable) Jellies are on a warpath and only she stands in their way – defending our home, the neighbourhood and perhaps the whole world. But she has help – home-made weapons and power ups:

- Chappal of Death – need we say more?
- KitchenZooka – home appliances have never been put to better use
- Gramaphone Gun – the power of music packs quite a punch
- Cricket Gun – Dadi is the original master blaster!
- A Loyal Dog – every Dadi needs one
- Kulfis – to give Jellies a brain freeze
- Patakas – bringing Diwali cheer (ahmm) to the Jellies
- Dadi’s Scream – they can run, they can even hide, but they won’t escape the SCREAM!

Upgrade your defences, weapons and power ups and help Dadi defeat the jellies in this epic new game - DvJ!

* Connect via G+ and be a part of daily and weekly leader boards on DvJ
* Unlock awesome achievements
* Share your cool Dadi pictures with friends on FB
* And don’t forget to send your friends a steaming Cup of Chai – believe us – it will come in handy
* New areas added regularly

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