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Лого Crazy Farm Racing 3D Premium

Crazy Farm Racing 3D Premium


Скриншот Crazy Farm Racing 3D Premium №1Скриншот Crazy Farm Racing 3D Premium №2
Скриншот Crazy Farm Racing 3D Premium №3Скриншот Crazy Farm Racing 3D Premium №4

Crazy Farm Racing 3D Premium - забавные гонки на тракторах с реалистичной физикой.

In the premium version, you get everything:
* No ads;
* No locked tracks;
* No locked tractors;
* No locked pimps.

You own the roads of the farm. You are the speed in the country. Adrenaline stays behind you as you drive away with Fun. People only call you “Best Crazy Lightning” or BCL! Why? Because you are a mad tractor driver madly in love with speed, totally owned by fast tractors, fun and driving freely on the country roads. You don’t like conventions, because you like speeding, fun, realistic driving, acceleration and being the first. Always the first. And only the first!!!!! No other position is accepted!
The physics of the game are realistic, it’s huge fun to drive the tractor, you can customize a lot of things and it’s totally free!
This app is a real challenge for any tractor fans. Like all real physics simulators, the CRS is also a competition of vehicles, where you can use certain weapons to have more fun and to achieve the best and most realistic driving possible. It’s a real deal with animals, field, nice graphics, cool tractors, best physics available, and we can guarantee, that you’ll have the best fun ever with any realistic tractor driving game.
No inap purchase is used, so you can have only fun and more fun. So customize your tractor, get your powerups and have the best fun ever with this realistic physics simulation game!

- Tractor Racing Career and Relaxing Harvest mode in one game!
- A real, full of life, freely accessible world.
- Realistic 3D graphics and playful physical simulation.
- A lot of totally different playfields from peaceful farms to snowy canyons and lava-covered high mountains.
- Many different tractors to pimp according to your taste.
- Lots of powerups: Speed ups, Rockets, Repairs, Shields, Mines…
- Different control methods selected by the player.
- No inapp purchase, you can get all the upgrades in the free harvest Mode. 

Путь для кэша:

Android 2.3.3 и выше

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