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Лого Cosmic War Age

Cosmic War Age


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Cosmic War Age - возможно одна из лучших космических MMORPG на мобильных устройствах.

In the age of Cosmic Wars, civilizations have scattered among the stars into nearby and distant galaxies. Planets, nations, and species that were once united are now divided into factions and fighting among each other for survival. How will you ensure your own survival and continuity of your people? Command your own starship, join a faction, research new technologies, explore the stars, colonize new worlds, build outposts, mine for resources, and recruit your own crew now in this new epic interstellar adventure.

Do you have what it takes to survive in the age of Cosmic Wars? The future is now! Explore the final frontiers and navigate among the stars today in this exciting new SLG-Based MMORPG from Digital Sky.



• Tiered Officers' Talents System – Lots of upgrades available to fully customize your officers and make them truly unique!
• Intricate Ship Building System – Build your own fleet with a variety ships, from Bombers, Strikers, and Super Destroyers!
• Strategic Turn-Based Battles – Battle against other players, teams and alliances!
• Single Player (PvE) mode – Enjoy an exciting single player campaign!
• Multi-Players (PvP) mode – Attack bases and defend your territories against other players or join an alliance and wage war against other factions.
• Weekly Events – Weekly “Phantom Planet” challenge events are held to shift the balance of power and determine galaxy control.
• Space Exploration – Cruise around and uncover valuable items hidden inside space debris!
• Colonize New Worlds – Explore, colonize, and build new outposts to expand your empire!
• Universe Maps – The coolest navigation maps to assist you on your interstellar travels!

Android 2.3 и выше

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