Лого Checkers Pro (by Dalmax)

Checkers Pro (by Dalmax)

13 июля 2014 |  AMEPOH


Checkers Pro (by Dalmax) - классическая игра шашки. В этой Pro-версии нет рекламы.

The classic game of Checkers.

In this Pro-version there are no advertisements.

This game use many of the official checkers rules, it is also possible to play your own rules using "custom rules" option (for example to play without forced to take rule)
It is playable using many different rule sets:
- English Checkers (Draughts);
- Italian Checkers;
- International Checkers (Polish draughts);
- Brazilian Checkers;
- Pool Checkers;
- Spanish Checkers;
- Russian Checkers (shashki);
- Portuguese Checkers;
- Czech Checkers;
- Turkish Checkers;
- Thai Checkers;
- Custom Checkers Rules.

Android 2.0 и выше

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