Лого Bug Gulp

Bug Gulp

24 августа 2014 |  AMEPOH


Beat the bugs in this frantic game. Screen smashing fun for all.

Easy to start, hard to put down. Pick your pattern and time your shots right to complete all 150 levels.

-You are Plant Dude. Tap on the screen to shoot.
-Shots pull flying bugs closer. Shots push crawling bugs away.
-Pull the flying bugs towards you and eat. Yummy!
-Eat all the flying bugs to complete the level.
-Keep the crawling bugs away. Push them against a wall to squash.
-You lose if a crawling bug reaches you.
-You lose if a flying bug reaches the wall and triggers the laser.
-Shots are continuous. Tap and release, or drag to sweep area.
-Hit the bug bombs to squash many crawling bugs at once.
-Shielded bugs cannot be pulled. Squash all the crawling bugs to drop shields.

Android 2.3 и выше

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