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Лого Boogie Woogie

Boogie Woogie


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What's best described as a rhythm, memory and dance game all rolled into one, Boogie Woogie incorporates these
features in an fun and engaging way. The unique gameplay is embellished with a horror themed narrative and there is the added feature of the freestyle mode where you can import music into the game from your own music library. Woogie can also be customised in the shop with a bunch of weird and wacky accessories.

Woogie the Yeti's fiancée has been kidnapped by the evil dance obsessed Dracula. Woogie's mission is to defeat
Dracula's army of ghoulish creatures in head-to-head dance offs and then defeat Dracula himself and rescue his
fiancée. The object of the dance offs is to watch a sequence performed by one of the boss characters and then
replicate this sequence with Woogie. If the correct limb isn't triggered in the exact order and in the same direction,
Woogie will lose a life. If Woogie loses three lives, it's game over.

Bonus points will be awarded for triggering the moves exactly on the beat of the music. Once a level is complete, the user will be awarded up to three stars depending on the accuracy of the timing. These stars will be converted into an in-game currency which can be spent in the shop. The shop has various goodies such as accessories that Woogie can wear and special comical dance moves such as spins and flips and there’s also a crude fart and burp move thrown in.

Путь для кэша:

Android 2.3 и выше

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