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Лого Blake and Mortimer HD (full)

Blake and Mortimer HD (full)


Скриншот Blake and Mortimer HD (full) №1Скриншот Blake and Mortimer HD (full) №2Скриншот Blake and Mortimer HD (full) №3Скриншот Blake and Mortimer HD (full) №4

Blake and Mortimer HD (full) - ещё одна игрушка из категории "Поиск предметов".

Licensing Highlights
- 13 million comic books sold since 1946;
- 6 million books sold since the series re-launched in 1996;
- Average sales: 500 000 books for each new title;
- Brand awareness: 42% of young adults in Europe recognize the brand.

Help Blake and Mortimer protect a precious artifact and the fate of all mankind!

Mortimer has just been contacted to inspect a huge archeological discovery in Greece: Judas’ thirty denarii! Nearly 2000 years ago, the apostle Judas betrayed Christ to the Romans for thirty denarii. The silver coins contain a deadly curse to anyone who touches them. In the wrong hands, such a dangerous artifact could spell disaster for the entire human race… Blake and Mortimer must find the missing denarii before any blood is shed again.
Fearless as always, Blake and Mortimer return in this thrilling new adventure!

Useful helps
Take advantage of the zoom x2 to take a look right into the scene and use the tips you acquire to get the hidden objects.
Need tips or time ? Unveil the hidden bonus stars to gain some.

Sumptuous scenes
From the Mortimer’s desk to an enigmatic cave in Greece passing by a tub full of surprises, follow our two heroes in their thrilling adventure through majestic scenes.

Game Highlights
- Interactive inventory;
- Parallax;
- Dynamic and animated game play;
- Numerous places to investigate;
- Various mini-games: puzzles, matching game…
- Help : zoom, hints, bonus stars;
- Incredible high definition graphics;
- Bonus game play.

Путь для кэша:

Android 2.3.3 и выше

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