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Лого Black Stories

Black Stories


Скриншот Black Stories №1Скриншот Black Stories №2Скриншот Black Stories №3Скриншот Black Stories №4

Black Stories - хоррор-головоломка на андроид.

Black Stories is a set of electrifying, dark and sometimes gruesome riddles. It is a social game in which players are confronted with a challenge to solve intricate mysteries and enigmatic deaths. Black Stories are designed so that they teach the players how to think laterally, or how to analyze facts abstractly.

- English
- Polish

“Lateral thinking is solving problems through an indirect and creative approach, using reasoning that is not immediately obvious and involving ideas that may not be obtainable by using only traditional step-by-step logic. The term was coined in 1967 by Edward de Bono.”

Game rules:
1. From the collection of Black Stories players choose one as their task.

2. One of the players becomes the Game Master, takes the phone and, as the only one, reads the solution of the riddle.

3. Other players have to solve the mystery, aiding themselves with asking simple questions on which the Game Master could only answer yes or no.

4. The player who solves the riddle fastest wins. Now he becomes the Game Master.

Android 4.0 и выше

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