Лого Be a Bee

Be a Bee

21 мая 2014 |  AMEPOH


Be a Bee - обучающая игра на андроид для детей.

Fly around and discover the secrets of this beautiful garden. Meet all the friendly and lovely characters, who live there together with Buddy the Bee. Follow him and his friends during their daily and nightly activities. Play or help them to be as happy as they can be. Find out what you can do with or for them.

Imagine a beautifully designed garden, with a lots of freely discoverable places for your kid. Exploring it is very easy with the tap & swipe intuitive touchscreen optimized method, implemented through careful testing it with our main target audience – kids under 5. No matter, if the screen is just tapped once on a certain point, or Buddy dragged around with the finger constantly on the screen, navigation is flawless and continuous.

After flying into the garden, and calling for Buddy the Bee, you can fly around endlessly in both direction, and meet all the nice and funny characters, who live there with Buddy. All residing here are capable to react on him and no one is going to hurt him in this peaceful world. Of course Buddy isn’t saint and sometimes a little, funny pranking is just natural.


· Choose between day and night scenery;
· Tap Buddy the Bee, and fly through his garden;
· Guide to the markers to uncover funny animations;
· See Buddy the Bee play in different minigames;
· More than 8 animated characters, with 20+ fun animated happenings to discover;
· Make up stories to go with the actions;
· Recommended for kids under 5;
· No in-app purchases or third-party advertising, so parents don’t have to be afraid of unwanted contents or credit card charges!

We are dedicated to create apps that create a unique and desirable environment where children can be around in a very natural way, but with parents together. They can have fun together by exploring a creative environment and finding custom experiences by unfolding the many wonders available.

Android 2.3 и выше

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