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Лого Avoid ZX

Avoid ZX


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Avoid ZX - аркада в забавном оформлении.

Have you ever wondered how Avoid - Sensory Overload would look on a ZX Spectrum? Here is the answer!

Avoid ZX is a fast-paced arcade game where you have to avoid obstacles with your vehicle, trying to survive as long as you can. Find multipliers and power ups to help you last long enough to beat your top score. Compete on the online leaderboards and be the ultimate master avoider.
Everything from the 1-bit soundtrack to the retro graphics has been made to have a ZX Spectrum feel.


- Fast arcade game, easy to learn but difficult to master;
- Randomly generated patterns;
- 1-bit soundtrack and retro graphics;
- Google Play Services leaderboards and achievements;
- Everything is in the style of the old ZX Spectrum.

Android 4.0 и выше

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