Лого Aquanoid 2 Break the Bricks

Aquanoid 2 Break the Bricks

8 сентября 2014 |  DROIDOFF


Aquanoid 2 Break the Bricks - арканоид на андроид в подводном мире.

This is the English version of this unique Arkanoid und Barkanoid clone!

A beautiful animated underwater landscape with colorful shoals of fish and aquatic plants waiting for you, as well as a lot of fun. Take the challenge and play more than 300 fascinating levels, such as in a giant aquarium!

Start the game with a simple bat and a ball. Remove all bricks as possible by hitting them with the ball!

Many colorful levels with different tile layouts are waiting for you. The bricks have partially some different properties: They have to be hit one or more times by the ball, are invisible or even indestructible. Some bricks hide valuable extras inside that give you extra lives, a larger bat or other helpful bonuses. Other content of some bricks you better not catch with your bat, because this makes the game more tricky. Sea monsters and mysterious submarines can be really dangerous to your bat.

You can look forward to 50 different extras and bonuses, three difficulty levels, six freely selectable brick sets and many other features with this great Break Out Game!
Dive into the azure blue aquarium - atmosphäre and play yourself in the highscore rankings!

By buying Aquanoid 2 Reloaded you get a complete game. No In-App sales, no advertising. All extras and bonuses are already included in the game and need not be purchased separately. Only buy once to enjoy the full extent of the game.



- 6 beautiful user-selectable brick sets;
- Extensive animated underwater world, individually selectable (fish, plants, bubbles, aqua, reflections);
- 3 different levels of difficulty;
- Bats and balls with different features;
- Editable bat and ball behavior;
- Many hidden extras.

Android 2.3 и выше

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