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Лого Gem Flat CM11 Theme

Gem Flat CM11 Theme


Скриншот Gem Flat CM11 Theme №1Скриншот Gem Flat CM11 Theme №2
Скриншот Gem Flat CM11 Theme №3Скриншот Gem Flat CM11 Theme №4

! Only for the new CM11-based theme engine! (ROOT and CUSTOM ROM Required)
! Users with 1GB or less RAM/Memory, DO NOT apply the boot animation - It could result in a bootloop!
! If you are experiencing Wifi settings crashes, please update your ROM to a more recent nightly.

crash bug has been fixed! Please update your ROMs.

Looking for Android L's "Material" design and Gem Flat's clean, flat style? Check out Gem Emerald! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mac.theme.gemerald

Don't forget to reboot after updating Gem Flat!

- High quality style pack
- 200+ XXHDPI icon pack
- Android "L" new Roboto font
- Lockscreen & home wallpapers
- Minimal Bootanimation
- Ringtone, notification, and alarm tones

Gem Flat is a full "theme pack" for those who want a flatter Android UI. Gem Flat is influenced by today's modern, 2-dimensional ("flat") designs - taking #holoyolo to another level. This theme is simple and clean - you will find a high quality look with an attention to detail that is hard to find elsewhere! This theme was designed using and to work best with CM11 and the Cyanogen's new theme engine.


Android 2.3 и выше

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