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Лого Sledge Race 3D

Sledge Race 3D


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Sledge Race 3D is a great sledding simulation game for all fans of sport games and sledding games in particular. This amazing toboggan simulator is the game you've always dreamt of. It's not just a good way to spend your free time, but also a great opportunity to enhance your reflexes and improve your reaction time! Play Sledge Race 3D and feel like a participant of Winter Olympic Games!

***How to play:***
Tilt your device to control the bobsleigh. Try to get as much coins as you can! Focus on the race and don't be distracted, as the track is extremely tricky!

*** Sledge Race 3D features:***
- stunning 3D graphics for true-to-life sledding experience!
- enjoy the beautiful landscape, but don't get distracted!
- a simulation game with realistic physics!
- a perfect agility training game for kids and adults!

Download Sledge Race 3D and prepare to an extremely challenging high speed race!

Android 2.3 и выше

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