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Лого Super Dude Kart Race

Super Dude Kart Race


Скриншот Super Dude Kart Race №1Скриншот Super Dude Kart Race №2Скриншот Super Dude Kart Race №3Скриншот Super Dude Kart Race №4

Super Dude Kart Race

NO!!! Not just another kart racing game against the computer… Is a funny karting race against real opponents.

The innovative idea is to challenge the top six riders in the world, of course, one of them could be you, but be careful not only challenge their times, but you see them really compete against you.
Never get tired playing because the best always changing.

Practically, in addition your kart, see:

- A Kart ghost of your best time
- A kart ghost for the first six fastest times
- Indication of your opponents (nick, nation, victories, skill level)

- We start with 8 race tracks


- 8 different race tracks for environment and difficulties
- Ranking system
- customizes Pilot and Helmet

- Small screens(480x320) works but are not recommended.

Much more….

Are You Ready ??? Goooo ...

Android 2.3 и выше

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