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Лого Fantashooting 2

Fantashooting 2


Скриншот Fantashooting 2 №1Скриншот Fantashooting 2 №2Скриншот Fantashooting 2 №3Скриншот Fantashooting 2 №4

Fantashooting 2 - продолжение динамичной экшн-игры на андроид.

The most exciting action & 360 degree third person shooting game is back!

Your great adventure begins in the mysterious Forest of Training, you have to save the pumpkin town and defeat the bosses! Collect materials from the monsters, craft your unique equipment, and try to stay alive under massive monster attack!

★ 3D & 360 degree third person shooting game!
★ Finger-friendly game control with a standard dual-joystick!
★ Choose a character to play with unique skills from two main classes: Mage & Shooter!
★ Meet tons of monsters and fantastic boss fights during your adventure!
★ Equip your favorite passive skills and build your unique character!
★ High AI monsters! Maybe there is someone controlling them?

It is so easy to have fun in the story of Fantashooting 2 with lots of characters & monsters! You definitely have to give it a SHOT!

Android 2.1 и выше

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