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Лого BadTown - 3D Action Shooter

BadTown - 3D Action Shooter


Скриншот BadTown - 3D Action Shooter №1Скриншот BadTown - 3D Action Shooter №2Скриншот BadTown - 3D Action Shooter №3Скриншот BadTown - 3D Action Shooter №4

In a small town, not too far way, an epic war of heroics and survival is taking place. You, a lone survivor must overcome a relentless attack from a bunch of weird looking but dangerous dudes in this 3D action shooter game. The fight is hard, the action is epic, the guns are sweet, but, Can You Survive?

Test your stamina in this action packed shooter game. Survive and be the greatest action hero BadTown has ever seen! Are you brave enough?

Great 3D action shooter game play
Fully automatic weapons and Ray Guns
Smart Enemies
360 degree epic battles
First Person Shooter
Epic sound tracks to keep you motivated during the action
Time based action survival. Can you beat you friends
Explosions and more explosions
Shooter Game

Tip: Because the battles get pretty insane, you can pause and pan around to plan your next attack!

Hope you enjoy the game!

Send us some feedback of what you would like in our updates!

Android 2.3 и выше

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