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Лого Duck Hunt

Duck Hunt


Скриншот Duck Hunt №1Скриншот Duck Hunt №2Скриншот Duck Hunt №3

Duck Hunt - ретро игра 90-х годов, в которой мы будем охотиться на уток.

Top notch best selling game and our game version is a big hit all over the world.
Download banditmovie´s Duck hunt and find out what the fuzz is all about.

Super retro feeling that will bring you back to the late 70`s and the 80´s in no time.

Find out why the game is a top of the chart favorite among the arcade games of today.

Besides you are shooting ducks this is a non violence game and suitable for all ages.
Updated grapichs and super retro tunes.
Shoot the ducks, it might seems easy but they will keep on comming more and more.

This is a full game with no advertisement, so download it today and enjoy the wonderful world of Duck hunt.

Android 2.3.3 и выше

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