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Лого Ugly Duck Hunt VR

Ugly Duck Hunt VR


Скриншот Ugly Duck Hunt VR №1Скриншот Ugly Duck Hunt VR №2Скриншот Ugly Duck Hunt VR №3Скриншот Ugly Duck Hunt VR №4

Ugly Duck Hunt VR - отстреливаем уток в виртуальной реальности. Игра также поддерживает режим игры без VR-очков.

Ugly Duck Hunt is all new shooting game with VR and Normal mode of user experience. The game is extremely user friendly with 360° game play for shooting to flying ducks using a virtual gun. The action will take you to the classic gaming experience of timely challenge and unleash your duck shooting skills in new generation gaming.



The game is Aim and Shoot type. Train your reflexes and shoot Ugly Ducks that are found flying all around the forest making ugly quacking sounds. Shoot as many ducks as possible in 180 seconds to make and beat your own high score.

Make a blast and enjoy playing with immersive hunting experience :)

How to Play
* VR Mode = click magnet button to shoot;
* Normal Mode = tap on screen to shoot.

Android 4.1 и выше

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