Лого Zombie Boy HORROR

Zombie Boy HORROR

22 жовтня 2014 |  AMEPOH


This game is awesome! Terrible, dark and scary. Only you - Zombies and Ghosts!
All city is dead...

World mastered the plague. All the people were contaminated. Mankind extinct. This is the real end of the world. Revelation.
The fight does not make sense.
You also hooked on the black side.
Virus inside me.
There is no god.

Everywhere there are zombies.
Dead zombie without shadow!
In cementary there are walking dead zombie and invisible ghost - ops!.
I don't have a gun, 2 kind of bomb.
Still run, run, away from highway to dead city with some trigger.
Call of to fight.
This is my duty.
Still we have like in halloween.
3D Zombie Shooter.
Shooting and blood to save the world.

This is Dead Zombie Boy.

Android 2.0.1 і вище

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