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Лого Zen Archer

Zen Archer


Скриншот Zen Archer №1Скриншот Zen Archer №2Скриншот Zen Archer №3

Zen Archer - в этой игре на андроид Вы выступаете в роли самурая, который оттачивает свое мастерство в стрельбе из лука.

Zen Archer is inspired by the samurai archery Kyudo: Giving yourself completely to the shooting is the goal! To master the shooting technique you have to stay calm and use different wind forces efficiently.

Improve yourself: In an endless gameplay the time for aiming gets smaller from round to round. Go with the flow and you will find a wonderful balance between concentration and relaxation.

How many rounds can you do?


* Totally AD-FREE!
* Optimized for smartphones and tablets;
* Beautiful ambience with HD visuals and sounds;
* Addictive Gameplay: "Only once more...";
* Social Feature: Challenge yourself and others by getting the best score on global leaderboards;
* Smooth controls: two thumbs bring the best bow feeling - one determines shooting power, the other sets the angle of your shot.

Android 2.3 и выше

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