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Лого Wolf Simulator

Wolf Simulator


Скриншот Wolf Simulator №1Скриншот Wolf Simulator №2Скриншот Wolf Simulator №3Скриншот Wolf Simulator №4

Wolf Simulator - Вы превратились в волка. Вы управляете супер мощным зверем и ищете добычу.

You have transformed into a Wolf. You are now in control of a super powerful beast looking for prey.

Explore the huge interactive 3D world before you. Go on the hunt looking for your next innocent goat, sheep or horse. Race around the map - smashing and crashing into everything you see. Find the gas station and watch out for the exploding gas tanks. Listen for the sound of the arriving train. Find the airport and try and knock down the airplane. Run down the moving truck and knock it off the highway.

Choose to play in the Day or Night.

Explore the huge map to uncover all the secrets. Attack everything you see to earn points.

The MAP includes:

**Farm with Sheep, Goats, Chickens, and Horses, and Bears;
**Train station with a moving train;
**Airport with flying airplanes;
**Gas Station and traffic;
**Super Fun HUGE 3D Map;
**Day and Night Versions.

Realistic 3D wolf with loads of special effects. You've tried Goat Simulator, Shark Simulator, Dinosaur Simulator, and Bear Simulator - now give Wolf Simulator a try. Super fun 3D graphics. Happy hunting!

Android 2.3 и выше

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